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2022: FIRST LEGO League, "CARGO CONNECT", Scandinavian Finals, Aalesund


After winning our local FIRST LEGO League 2021 Tournament (13th November 2021), we did a lot of preparations for the Scandinavian Finals.

One of the major things we did was swap out our EV3 robot for a SPIKE Prime robot. This also meant we had to change up the design and remake all the code. One of the problems we had was that the SPIKE had fewer ports than the EV3, meaning that we could not use both of our motors for tools, and the distance sensor at the same time.

We also continued working on and bettering our project called Stamps to Avoid People Getting FLLattened, which dealt with loosely packed containers.


Some of our team in Aalesund, preparing for presentations.


On 10th March 2022, the whole team, our guides and some of our parents went to Aalesund in Norway to participate in the FLL Scandinavian Finals at the Norwegian Maritime Competence Center on the 12th.

The day before the competition we went to set up our stand at the venue. We decorated the walls of our booth with prints and photos, and we placed boxes to make it look like we were in a loosely packed container.


Our team at the FIRST LEGO League Scandinavian Finals.


On the day of the FLL Scandinavian Finals, we presented our Project, Robot Design and Core Values for a panel of judges. We had practiced our presentations many times, so it went well.

Our robot used a line-follower to navigate across the mat, and for the mission where we had an extra motor on, we had placed a block of normal bricks to balance the weight, which we found out was important.

We had a great time and learned a lot. We are thankful that we were able to take part in the FLL Scandinavian Finals, it was an amazing opportunity for our team!

Some highlights from our time at the FLL Scandinavian Finals!