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Thanks to everyone who has supported us with their time or resources.

We are looking for sponsors for our participation in FIRST Championship 2024!

Read the Gifll Houston 2024 Sponsor Information, if you should be interested.

Thanks STARK Fonden

A big Thank you to STARK Fonden for giving Gifll a generous grant to travel to Houston for the FIRST Championship. We look forward to

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Thanks Intersport

Thank you to Intersport in Rødovre Centrum for providing us with klaphatte so we can accurately represent the Danish population at FIRST Championship in Houston.

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Thanks Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk have very generously sponsored us for our trip to Houston and participation in FIRST Championship. We are grateful for the sponsorship which has

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Thanks Pågen (again)

Thank you so much Pågen for once again making sure that the cinnamon level in our blood does not drop into fatal territory! We appreciate

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Thanks Adalo

Thanks Adalo for giving us a 6 month professional subscription to your app platform! Adalo lets you easily make fast app prototypes, and we have

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